Standing Desks

What is a sit/stand desk?

A sit/stand desk like our range below, allows users to alternate between sitting and standing by electronically controlling the desk height by either raising or lowering the desktop to suit the user's position. While there are some studies into the effectiveness of sit-stand desks themselves, it is widely accepted that sedentary behaviour can be attributed to an increased risk of chronic diseases and obesity.

Are standing desks really better for you?

Australia’s Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for Adults recommends between 150 to 300 minutes of physical activity per week. By activating your standing desk in times where you would normally be sedentary, you may be able to easily add to your daily movement output and break up unhealthy routines by being more active.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

You should try and build up your sit-stand endurance rather than trying to max out your standing time straight away. We recommend standing for 5 minutes every 30 minutes to begin with and aim to build up to standing for 15 minutes every 30 minutes over an 8 week period. This will ensure you don't become fatigued and will make it easier to cement the habit.

What are the health benefits of stand up desks?

Some of the commonly stated benefits include more productivity, increased energy levels, reduced risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses, reduced risk of diabetes, improved posture. and better focus.