About Us

Established in 2010, Multi Work Table has established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of height adjustable sit stand desks and tables for the office and the home office.
Our commitment to bringing better health to office workers is why we got into this space. As office workers ourselves, we felt there was nothing worse than feeling trapped behind a desk all day. It's not good for your body or your mind. By making it easy to alternate between sedentary and standing positions, it's possible to increase your focus levels and productivity while taking physical breaks.
Happy office worker at desk

As someone who works at a desk, it makes sense to switch to the sit-stand revolution as you'll feel better both physically and mentally which isn't something you usually get from going to work!
As a manager or employer, it also makes sense to make the switch as your workers will be more productive, take less breaks away from their desk (as they can get up and move while remaining on task) and it also increases team morale, making the office somewhere people look forward to going each day.
Some of the possible health benefits you may experience as a sit stand desk user include:
  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Reduced risks of cancer and heart disease
  • Increased comfort, energy, stamina and productivity
We believe in health, and have consulted with exercise physiologists and other health professionals about the use of our products. While a standing desk is no replacement for regular exercise, it can help supplement a healthy lifestyle.